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Application of aluminum and aluminum alloy

Date posted: 02/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Aluminium and aluminum alloy plays a very important role in the life, the use of aluminum can now surpassed other metals, so in the economy, aluminum has a certain position can not be replaced . With pure aluminum will have low tensile strength, aluminum can create alloys with many elements such as zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese and silicon. Here will update the important applications of aluminum and aluminum alloy so that you know the importance:

The application of aluminum and aluminum alloy:

– Aluminum is used to make artificial satellite coated shell or air balloon to increase aluminum absorption by electromagnetic radiation from the sun is pretty good.
– With lightweight and durable properties of aluminum alloy are used in the manufacturing industry, namely the creation of details for cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes, …
– Used in packaging such as cans, wrapping paper, …

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– Ability to handle water.
– As a source of indispensable materials in the construction industry, used as windows, doors, plywood, …
– As materials for creating household appliances, furniture durable as cooking equipment, tables and chairs, brass, ….
– Use as core electrical conductors.
– Manufacturing of machinery.
– Especially with super purity aluminum (SPA) 99.980% -99.999% containing used in industrial electromagnetic, CD production, …
– With aluminum powder, the silver used in the creation of the painting, cotton coats of aluminum in the disposal timber for water resistance.
– There anode aluminum antioxidant chemicals commonly used in many branches built with multiple domains.
– The CPU heat sinks in computers and laptops are often made of aluminum
– There are aluminum oxide in nature in the form of corundum, emery, ruby ​​and sapphire are used in the manufacture of glass. Ruby and sapphire synthetic tube to produce laser light capable of interference.
– Aluminium when oxidized will create high temperatures, so is used as the main raw material for rocket solid ingredients in the City of flowers.
– Aluminum heat reaction in the preparation of the cell type has a high melting temperature, such as chromium Cr Vonfarm W, …


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