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Auminum alloy 7075 and application

Date posted: 01/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

After share articles on aluminum alloy 6063, the same day we learn through this next product is aluminum alloy 7075. Like 6063, but is aluminum alloy 7075 high-strength alloy today. Who calculated strength / weight, so that the aluminum alloy 7075  used in the details with high pressure. 7075 will be prepared after further incubation and then heat-treated, the nature pretty tough aluminum alloy 7075 requires a larger jet machining process, but the process is not simple, Any difficulties, then baked to a temperature of 200 ° aluminum -250 ° F, the processing will be a lot easier.

Aluminum alloy

The chemical composition of aluminum alloy 7075:

Aluminum alloy

Size aluminum alloy 7075
– Width: 6mm – 150mm
– Length: 500mm – 2500mm

Application of the aluminum alloy 7075 in life
– As you know aluminum alloy have very high reliability and are manufactured into parts with high bearing structures, such as the engine, the more missiles, aircraft inserts, gear, valve body, … and the details used in the military, especially the application of plastic blow molding industry.

Aluminum alloy 7075 processing like?
– Aluminum Alloy 7075 Forgings usually 700 ° temperature to 900 ° F, after forging finished product details must be heat treated.

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