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Copper alloys

Date posted: 04/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Copper is the metal of high strength, good corrosion resistance, malleability, spinning, Flexibility … Depending on the nature and chemical composition of copper alloy that are classified into several different types, the most common are classified according to chemical composition.

Classification by chemical composition, copper alloy has the following types:

1 / Latong (gold or brass):

Latong is mainly copper alloys with 2 elements copper and zinc, and also include elements such as Ni, Sn, Pb …

TCVN 1695-75 Latong is denoted by the letter L followed by the signature brand name chemical element and its component indexes. Latong be divided into two groups:

  • Latong simple: an alloy of Cu-Zn 2 elements with volume contains less than 45% Zn. Zn enhances durability and ductility of copper. When high Zn exceeds 50% Cu-Zn alloy, it will become hard and often use the line … The label is LCuZn10, LCuZn20, LCuZn30 as the heat pipe, duct and other details for stamping this kind of high ductility.
  • Latong complex: an alloy of copper and zinc in addition also added a number of elements such as Pb, Al, Sn, Ni … to improve the properties of the alloy. For example, increases the cutting Pb, Sn increase corrosion resistance, Al and Ni increase the count. The usual type of complex latong: LCuZn29Sn1, LCuZn40Pb1.

CDA standard: simple latong 2xx denoted CDA, CDA example LCuZn20 240 equivalent. Complex Latong 3xx CDA or CDA symbols 4xx, ie the equivalent of 370 CDA LCuZn40Pb1.

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2 / Brong (chorus)

Brong is an alloy of copper and other elements except Zn. Brong is denoted with the letter B, the name of the Brong be differentiated by the main alloying elements. It distinguishes different kinds of bars depending on major alloying elements into

For example, Cu-Sn-called Brong tin; Cu – Al called Brong aluminum …

  • Brong tin:an alloy of copper with alloying elements mainly tin.
    • Brong tin have high strength, good ductility, good corrosion resistance, commonly used type CuSn10Pb1, BCuSn5Zn2Pb5 for plain bearings, gears, springs …
    • By the standards of Brong tin denoted CDA: CDA 5xx, for example: 521 CAD.
  • Brong aluminum:is an alloy of copper and alloy elements are mainly aluminum.
    • Aluminum Brong Brong durable than tin, good corrosion resistance but has the disadvantage of difficult casting, often used instead of tin because inexpensive Brong. The type used is aluminum Brong BCuAl9Fe4, BCuAl10Fe4Ni4.
    • Brong CDA standard aluminum sign: CDA6xx, eg CAD614.
  • Brong Beryllium:an alloy of copper with alloying elements are Be, also known as co-elastic. Alloy high-strength, high elasticity, corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity, typically used as springs in electrical equipment. Often used with the equivalent symbols BCuBe2 CDA 172.

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