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Life story: Who is the fool?

Date posted: 25/ 03/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Who is the fool?

A teacher’s new teacher realized that there was a boy who was always insulted in class. During recess, he asked his friends why.
– It is a real fool, teacher. If you give him a 5-ruble coin and a 10-ruble coin, he will choose the 5-ruble coin, because it thinks the 5-ruble coin is bigger and it is better.
Here, please look. A friend in the group raised 2 coins and let the other boy choose. And he still chose the 5 rubles as before.
The teacher asked in surprise:
– Why did you choose 5 rubles instead of choosing 10 rubles?
– You look at this, the 5 rubles is bigger.
After school, he went to the boy to ask:
– I can’t understand the ruble 5 is only bigger in size, but 10 rubles, can I buy more?
– If I get 10 rubles then they won’t give me the next time … The boy answered.

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