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Life story: 3 Eggs and 3 Lessons

Date posted: 15/ 07/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: 3 Eggs and 3 Lessons303. Ba Bát Mỳ Trứng

One night, the father cooked two bowls of noodles. There was a white egg on one bowl and none on the other.
He asked his son, which bowl he prefer?
During then, eggs were very precious food. It was only on a festive or occasion like birthday that they had the privilege having egg in a meal.
The child would not miss such opportunity and with no hesitation, he chose the bowl with eggs.
The child’s choice was wrong. He was surprised that his father’s bowl actually contained two eggs underneath the noddle.
He regretted it and hated himself for being too impatient.
Noticed his reaction, the father smiled and said to him:
“Son, you must remember, what is visible to the eye might not be true, one who want to take advantage of others will eventually suffer a big loss.”

The next night, the father cooked two bowls of noodles again.
There was still a white egg on one bowl and none on the other.
He asked his son to choose. The child learned from the previous experience and chose the bowl with no eggs on the surface.
The father watched him silently and did not utter a word.
The child quickly picked up the chopsticks, stirred the noodles to find the eggs underneath it.
He was disappointed that there was no egg except the soup and noodle in the bowl.
At this time, the father said to him thoughtfully:
“Son, you must remember, do not trust too much in previous experience, as life sometimes deceives you. 
However, you don’t have to worry or sad over it. Life experience is something you cannot learn from textbook.”

On the third night, the father cooked two bowls of noodles.
It looked exactly the same as the previous nights.
The father asked his son to choose and the child did not act rashly.
Instead, him said to his father:
“Dad, you have sacrificed so much for me and this family and you get to choose out of my respect to you!”
The father did not decline and chose the bowl with an egg on it.
The child guess there was definitely no egg in the other bowl. To his surprise, he had two white eggs underneath the noodle in the bowl. The father looked up and his eyes was full of kindness. He said to his son lightly:
“Son, you must remember, when you think about others, good luck will bestow upon you.”
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