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Date posted: 18/ 06/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: THE SECRET OF SUCCESS300. Bí Quyết Của Sự Thành Công

There was a young man who admired the success of a millionaire, so he went to ask the millionaire that the secret helped him to be so successful? After understanding the young man’s question, he said nothing, went straight to the kitchen and took out a watermelon. The young man saw that it was very difficult to understand, he did not know what he was going to do, he opened his eyes wide to see, and found that the millionaire added the melon to make three small and unequal parts.
“If each piece of watermelon represents a certain benefit, how would you choose?”. The millionaire has just said, putting pieces of watermelon in front of the boy.
“Of course I will choose the biggest piece!” – The young man answered without hesitation.
The millionaire laughed and said, “Okay! Please eat!”
Then he gave the young man the biggest piece of watermelon, and I ate the smallest piece. When the young man was enjoying the taste of watermelon from a large piece of watermelon, the million-dollar house had finished eating, then he took the rest of the piece and ate it again, he deliberately shook it again and again piece of watermelon in front of the guy before putting it in his mouth.
In fact, the smallest piece of watermelon and the last piece of watermelon, if combined, would be more than the biggest watermelon that the young man ate. The young man suddenly understood the meaning that the millionaire wanted to convey was: Although he ate the smallest piece at the beginning, the number of melons he ate was much more than himself, although at first I chose the biggest piece.
If each piece of melon represents a certain benefit value, the total benefit of that millionaire will be much more than that of the young man. Finally he said to the young man very sincerely: “If you want to succeed, first learn to give up, only when we give up small benefits ahead of time, can we get benefits. Long-term and larger benefits, that is my successful experience”.

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