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Life story: A bouquet of flowers for mother

Date posted: 04/ 03/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: A bouquet of flowers for mother

On 8th March there was a businessman who came to the flower shop to buy a bouquet of flowers for his mother. But his mother’s house is too far from the city, he asked the shop owner to help him get the bouquet to his mother’s house, he would pay for this.
At the same time, a girl ran into a flower shop to buy a bouquet of flowers (10$ for a bunch of roses) but she only had 6 dollars in her hand, the shop owner refused to sell it to her despite her begging. The businessman told the shop owner to sell the bouquet to her and he would pay 4 dollars. After helping her, he drove with a happy mood because he donated a bouquet of flowers to his mother on 8th March. Suddenly, the safe … the winning car had nearly touched the girl who had bought the flower earlier.
He asked the girl why she was running so fast.
She said: “Because my family is so far away, I have to run as hard as I can to give flowers to my mother if not over the next day. He drove her home, the way darker and darker, the girl finally told him to stop at a cemetery and the girl put a bouquet of flowers on her mother’s grave and hugged her.
After taking her home to her, he immediately called the flower shop to delay delivery of the flowers and give the flowers to him. He ran for hours at his mother’s house.
He learned a lesson, although her mother died but she still remembers her mother and came to give flowers so why was his mother alive and he could not come to give her bouquet of flowers?

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