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Life story: Elephant story

Date posted: 27/ 05/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Elephant story

A man walks past the standing elephant. Suddenly he stopped, surprised to see these huge elephants were only held by a tiny rope tied to the front leg. There was no iron chain, nor was there a cage. It is evident, obviously, that elephants can afford to break the wire, run at any time. But for some reason, the elephants still haven’t done so.
The man saw the manager standing nearby. He asked him why the elephants were standing still without seeming to run away. “Oh,” replied the steward, “when they were young, they were much smaller than this, we still use that kind of rope to tie them up. At that age, such strings are enough to hold them. But when they were older, they still believed that they could not stop these ropes. They thought that the old rope could still hold them, so they never meant to stop and run away. ”
The man gasped. Those animals are completely capable of escaping from the strings binding them, but just because they do not believe they can, they still accept a practice as they are.

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