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Life story: The Hare And The Hound

Date posted: 22/ 07/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: The Hare And The Hound

304. ChÓ SĂn VÀ ChÚ ThỎ

One day, the hunter took his hunting dog with him to hunt. The hunter hit the back of a rabbit, the injured rabbit started running. Hounds that receive hunters’ orders also run like chasing after their prey.
But chasing forever, chasing forever, the rabbit ran away, the hound only had water burning back to the hunter. The hunter started to scold him, “You are such a useless thing, to the injured rabbit to let it escape!” The hunter heard that and did not return, “I tried my best. ! ”

Talking about the rabbit carrying the wound that ran into the cave, its comrades surrounded, surprised, asked, “That fierce hound, you’re injured like this, how can you escape like that?” ? ”“ Simply because it was my best effort, and I was doing my best. It did not catch up with me, at the same time I was scolded only one match, and I, if I did not run as hard as I could, only water would die! ”

People have a lot of potential, but we always look for excuses for ourselves or for others: “Leave it alone, we’ve tried our best.” In fact, try your best. still not enough, especially in today’s fierce competition. Frequently asking myself, am I a hound trying my best today or is the rabbit full of strength?

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