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Life story: I love you, Mom

Date posted: 24/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: I love you, Mom

Although it is already a Christmas day and there are a few more days to welcome the new year. The tired mother returned from the store after a long day of work, dragging her shopping bags on the kitchen floor. Waiting for her is a son named David, who is 8 years old, anxiously telling what he did at home: “… when I was playing in the yard and Dad was on the phone, Tom picked up a crayon to write on wall, on the very new wall paper that mom stuck in the office doing it! I told him she would be annoyed! ”.
The mother lamented and then raised her eyebrows: “Where is it now?” Then she left the goods there, striding into the room of the little boy, where he was hiding. She called both the baby’s surname, which in Western countries, when calling both names and surnames, often expressed anger. When she walked into the room, the baby trembled with fear, he knew it was going to be very terrible. In 10 minutes, the mother cursed her, how much she had to save and how expensive the wallpaper was! After moaning about what to do to fix the paper, the mother accused the child of being uninterested in others. The more she scolded her, the more frustrated she became, finally she got out of her room, getting mad at her!
The mother ran into the office to verify her worries. But when she looked at the wall, her eyes were filled with tears. What she read as an arrow pierced the mother’s soul. The text says: “I love you” is framed with a heart!
And now as time passes, the wallpaper is still there, just as the mother saw it, with an empty picture frame hanging to cover it. It is a reminder to the mother, and to everyone: Take a moment to read the words written on the wall!

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