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Life story: Simple morality

Date posted: 09/ 09/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Simple morality310. Đạo Lý đơn Giản


In the past, two hungry people received the favor of a sponsor: A fishing rod and a bunch of fresh fish. One person received the fish, the other received the fishing rod, and they got their way across.
Freshly cooked, he gobbled up so quickly that he could not enjoy the delicious taste of the food and the food was gone. Not long after that, he starved to death in the bones of the fish, and during that time, the recipient of the fishing rod continued to suffer from hunger, trudging hard steps to the coast.
But when he dimly saw the blue sea in the distance, that was the time when the last of his life was exhausted. He could only widen his eyes and let go of the world farewell in infinite regret.
There are two other Korean people, also received the same favor from a philanthropist.
However, unlike the two of them before, after receiving the relief supplies, they did not separate but comfortably found the coast, each grilling only one fish to catch a breath at a time. In the end, the two also found the coast and since then, they have been fishing together for a living. A few years later, they built a house, each owned a private house, married a child, made a big boat to catch the sea, and a happy life.
Every human being only looks at the immediate benefits, the reward is just a short time joy. But no matter how big a person has a goal, what he faces is still the reality of life.

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