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Life story: Law of Life

Date posted: 19/ 08/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Law of Life

308. Luật đời

He has golden hands. The juniors are so close to the land.
Car station. Women. Handbags. He only jerked with a gesture that he could grab, quickly throttle away, leaving a pitiful image behind him. The juniors recounted his exploits with admiration attitude ..
He said that there were two people who had been hospitalized for brain surgery just because they were trying to snatch back their bags, dragging them down the road. After a quick turn, he triumphed back, a third divided for his juniors, two for his mother.
Evening. He again took the passenger car to the countryside. Her mother did not see each other for two months, and just came home, she cooked him a lot of delicious food. He gave the money to his mother, saying that he was a salary. The mother lives at the end of the alley, honest, everyone loves. He asked her next time to make salad for me to eat. She looked at him, nodding lightly.
He went to the city to continue earning money. The deal is more and more convenient, making his mood happy. One day, the juniors with him held a party, the youngest of them raised a regretful voice:
– Big brother, this afternoon I was so unlucky, I learned to listen to a singer, I tried to go out with a pedestrian. This woman is not fit, very formidable, keeps holding the basket that she will not give. That’s right, I knocked her down, pulling the clothes straight. Now maybe the unconscious is lying on the ground.
– How much do you get? – He only cares about the problem.
– There are no coins at all, just wrapped in wraps.
His heart seemed to stop beating. Seemingly remembering something, he immediately forced the boy to look at the bag again. Oh my God! It’s his mother’s! He screamed, immediately ran to the road where the mother fell. There are still blood stains on the road. Frightened, he ran as if flying to the hospital.
So, his mother wanted to surprise her. Take the bus to the city by yourself, bring a bundle of salad that he likes, and unfortunately meet the robber.
The mother died on the way to the hospital.

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