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Life story: How much conscience is worth?

Date posted: 12/ 08/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: How much conscience is worth?

307. Lương Tâm đáng Giá Bao Nhiêu

Ha Tam is a cargo truck driver. One day, the car was running on the road suddenly “suddenly” one and then stopped. Damaged! Ha Tam got off the bus to the side of the road and carried two big stones to block the back wheel and then got into the undercarriage.
After about two hours, it was done. Ha Tam got on the train and started to prepare to continue. At that time, an old man who crawled beside the road came to beat and banged on the car door, saying very loudly:
“Hey, you drove, I dropped the item!”
The old man said as he pointed to the back of the car. Ha Tam guessed that the old man mentioned two stones that blocked the back wheel of the car. Ha Tam grinned, saying that because of hurry, he forgot. Saying that, he deliberately pressed the gas for the car to run. The old man chased and shouted:
“Are you like that? Do people have conscience? You put two big stones on the road to give people … ”
The grief of the old cowboy was left with the dust behind the car. Ha Tam chuckled in his heart: How much does conscience cost a kilo? Running more than a hundred kilometers into the city, going to the police checkpoint, Ha Tam stopped touching this bag and looked up and found the driver’s license forever. Ha Tam came out:
The driver’s license is clearly in the leather wallet that always carries in the person, so why not find it?
Carefully remember, Ha Tam was sure that the leather wallet had crashed when I got under the repair car. Had to leave the car to the police station, Ha Tam hurriedly waved a taxi back to the car repair place.
When I returned to the car repair place in the morning, Ha Tam searched everywhere and did not see the wallet. The two stones blocked the wheel that someone had taken to the roadside. On the stone, there was a piece of paper with a few words in it:
“If you want to get back the papers, you have to carry this stone up on the hill.”
Oh my god! The stone was big and heavy, the hill in front was both high and steep, and was this stone crawling up there? Ha Tam shouted loudly:
“Don’t force people like that! How much money is needed to make a price! ”.
When Ha Tam carried the stone to the foot of the hill, he saw a leaf hat with a piece of paper written on it:
“Don’t talk about money, please go to the hill.”
Ha Tam continued to walk, after seeing a piece of leaf hat, he also asked Ha Tam to carry stones on the hill, and other stories were free. With no other way, Ha Tam had to work hard on the stone step by step.
Getting to the top of the hill is not easy. However, there were no people who could not see the driver’s papers on it, only found a piece of paper stuck on a tree, asking Ha Tam to carry the stone in the direction of going down.
Down at the foot of the hill, there was still no paper, besides a paper asking Ha Tam to carry the stone upwards. Just like that, following the direction on the paper, Ha Tam carried the stone through the small, tired hills, and finally found his leather wallet placed on a bare grave. Enough papers, money is not missing a penny. Under the wallet there was a piece of paper written:

“This wallet was picked up by me, now it has returned to its owner. Do you know why I made you carry the stone a long way to go before this grave? This is my son’s grave. One night two years ago, he took a motorbike home, stumbling over a rock of someone who had no conscience left on the road, fell and died. I took him to my son’s grave, hoping that he would understand a morality:
“Conscience is priceless, losing people can lose something, but it is not necessary to lose your conscience.”

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