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Life story: Tet dishes of Vietnamese ethnic groups

Date posted: 23/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Tet dishes of Vietnamese ethnic groups

Kinh people
Traditional Tet gifts of Kinh people are indispensable with familiar delicacies such as banh chung, banh tet, sauerkraut, thunderstorms, spring rolls, spring rolls, meat, vermicelli, sticky rice, boiled chicken, bamboo shoots, … Although each region has different flavors, but on the New Year’s Day, it is indispensable for these dishes.
Mong people
Three indispensable dishes on the Tet holiday of the Mong people are meat, wine and corn cakes. On the days of worship at the beginning of the year, there is always a thick cake made in Mong people’s houses made from the most delicious sticky rice seeds.
On December 25, 26, the Mong people began to rest, preparing to welcome Tet. Previously, the Mong people did not pack banh chung. Now there is a package, but the banh chung is not necessarily in their Tet meal.
Thai people
Thai people often live in riverside areas, along streams, so they are not only good at fishing, fishing in rivers and streams but also better in raising and grazing both in fields and ponds. Therefore, fish is a popular dish in daily meals of Thai people, especially in Lunar New Year, fish is the main dish indispensable. People choose the biggest fish to own.
That is the first fish that should be baked. The remaining fish are processed according to their own ways such as: fish, dried fish, grilled fish, lemongrass fish, rice fish, sprouted fish, ash-packed fish, “paolis” fish sausage … Especially dish Pallet is a very unique dish often made to treat guests every Tet and come to spring.
Muong people
Like Kinh people, banh chung is a typical and indispensable dish in the Tet holiday of Muong people. Before Tet from two to three days, everyone in the village, in the ethnic group made an appointment to meet each other, gathered all the cakes from house to house. This time is really a festival, but busy but very happy of boys and girls in Muong village.
Nung people
The Nung live intermingled with the Tay people, in addition they are scattered in some other provinces, such as Bac Giang … Although not to see off Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao to the sky on December 23 as Kinh people but not because So the Nung people prepared for the poor Tet holiday. In addition to the banh chung, which is considered an indispensable part to receive guests, they also have high cakes (also called cakes). Most homes do it themselves, through which guests can appreciate the homeowner’s talent. In addition, there are ash cake, cake made sophisticated, transparent like honey, when eaten with honey (honey is cooked from alum sugar). This dish is especially popular with children.
Dao people
Tet comes, every Dao family has sour pork (pork) sour (called sui). This dish is very simple, rustic, but indispensable in Tet holidays. Ready-to-eat ingredients in the home, including pork, refined salt, and cold rice. This dish is served with freshly sliced ​​lemongrass leaves and chilli leaves to feel all the richness of salted meat.
Although the typical cuisine is different, Tet is still an occasion to gather together to enjoy a cozy family meal.

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