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Life story: The Woodcutter and The Highbrow

Date posted: 11/ 03/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: The Woodcutter and The Highbrow

The woodcutter and the highbrow shared a boat in the middle of the river. The highbrow identified themselves with profound knowledge and suggested to play guessing games to avoid boredom, and at the same time, if he lose, he would lose ten dollars for the woodcutter. On the contrary, if the woodcutter lose, he would only lose five dollars. The highbrow considered himself ceding woodcutter to express wisdom more than people.
First, the woodcutter raises the puzzle:
“What is on the river weighs a thousand pounds, but when there is only ten kilos on the shore?”.
The highbrow who was thinking hard still couldn’t find the answer and had to give ten dollars to the woodcutter. Then he asked the woodcutter what the answer was.
“I don’t know either!”, The woodcutter gave back five dollars to the highbrow and added:
“It’s so embarrassing, I earned five dollars.” The highbrow was extremely shocked.

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