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Life story: Samurai and fisherman

Date posted: 06/ 05/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Samurai and fisherman

A samurai came to collect the fisherman’s debt. The fisherman said, “I’m sorry, but last year was so bad, I didn’t have any money to pay you.” The samurai was angry, drawing his sword to kill the fisherman immediately. Very quickly, the fisherman said, “I also learned martial arts and my teacher advised me not to fight when I was angry.”
The samurai looked at the fisherman for a moment, then slowly lowered his sword. “Your teacher is very wise. My master taught me the same thing. Sometimes we can’t control our anger. I will give you another year to repay the debt and at that time it is only a penny, I will definitely kill you. ”
The samurai returned home when it was quite late. He went quietly into the house because he did not want to wake up his wife, but he was surprised to see his wife and a stranger wearing samurai clothes sleeping in bed. Enraged by jealousy and anger, he raised his sword to kill them both, but suddenly the fisherman’s words echoed in his ear: “Don’t act when you’re angry.”
The samurai stopped, took a deep breath, then deliberately made a loud noise. His wife woke up immediately, so did the stranger, and it turned out that it was his mother. He shouted: “What is this? I almost killed both of you! ”His wife explained:“ Because I feared that the thief would sneak into the house, he gave his mother his clothes to scare them. ”
A year later, the fisherman met the samurai again.
“Last year was great, I came to pay you a debt, there was interest,” the fisherman said excitedly.
“Take your money.” The samurai replied, “You have already paid the debt.”
Everyone can be angry – it’s easy, but angry with the right people at the right time at the right time for the right purpose, and in the right way – is not easy and not everyone can do it. And the consequences of anger are always more serious than the cause.

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