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Life story: Power of Water

Date posted: 07/ 10/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Power of Water314. Sức Mạnh Của Nước

He was a smart, straightforward child, but rigid and domineering. Every time he played with friends, there were arguments. That time, he fought with his friends because no one was on his side. He upset, left home.
His sister saw that asking:
– What’s wrong with you?
– Please stop talking, I’m angry
– Are you fighting?
– They were all too much, so I did
The sister thought for a moment and then said:
– In the stuffy house, we go to the garden and talk.
When she got to the garden, her sister set fire to the dry leaves. When the fire was high, she went into the house and took out a stone from the fridge, while dropping it into the fire, she said:
– The story is that before, water and fire were two opponents, but the water was fierce and fire was soft, thinking that it could not overcome fire, so it turned into ice and wanted to use its toughness to destroy fire.
The stone that touched the fire melted into water, then evaporated immediately, while the fire still burned. She continued:
– But the ice has touched, it has melted, then evaporated.
She took a hose to water the plants to extinguish the fire:
– Finally, it is the softness of water that extinguishes the fire.
Young brother thoughtful silence.
– You see, if you keep stiff and domineering, it is like ice, just being tough outside, seeing fire and melting. The real strong, is like water, mild, durable that can erode hard rock, extinguish fire. Water never stops flowing, it’s very flexible, any way can go. And when water is angry, nothing can stop it.
You see, there are things that seem to be soft, contain incomparable power.

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