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Life story: Money can buy happiness

Date posted: 26/ 08/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Money can buy happiness

309. Tiền Bạc Có Thể Mua được Hạnh Phúc

The nurse said that: The work often caused her to face critical patients, suffering from serious illnesses, who had to seize life with death every day, thus, she had opportunity to witness a lot of departure, blood and tears due to separate births.
That day, when she just arrived at the hospital, the whole faculty atmosphere was very gloomy, to the most cheerful and cheerful people who also cried and cried. After inquiring, she learned that the patient of bed number 5 could not escape and retired from her life this morning.
It was a middle-aged woman who had been in a coma for a long time, and had to be filled with medical tools. Everyone guessed that sooner or later she would have to leave but watching the husband, who was so thin and miserable, visit and sit down before the sick bed of his wife, all the doctors and nurses of the department were not moved. . All he could do was cover his wife’s blanket, remove her hair and quietly sit beside him.
Every day was like that, repeated, until that day, she was gone. That morning, the husband still quietly went to the hospital, did not say anything as usual but while squeezing his wife’s cold hand, his eyes were red, his body trembling.
One of the nurses came to him and went to comfort him and asked him: “Do you take her home?”
The man answered: “Yes, she wants to rest in the countryside.”
“Do you need a hospital support? Can we help you call an ambulance, if you need it, will there be a nurse to help you in the car?”.
Unexpectedly, the man did not answer but urgently took out his pocket, turned each and every single coin in his pocket and asked quietly: “No need for a doctor, but how much money does a car need? This is only … Less income, more sick my family … “.
Looking at him trying to find every single piece of money on his body, the nurse couldn’t help but say, “Uncle, my hospital car is free!”
Only when he heard that, the skinny man breathed a sigh of relief and gave a small smile.
After that, she immediately contacted the ambulance and a nurse to help the man take his wife’s body home. All the cost of gas, traveling, hiring or hiring is because she secretly pays all without letting him know. In that situation, with the poor and low income man, he had to shoulder his wife’s cost of medical treatment and hospitalization for a long time. After that, there were many things that he had to spend money to take care of. For funerals, who can say that the cost of renting a car is not the last straw to crush the camel, not the drop of water that overflows the glass and pushes him into the situation even more miserable?
In us, many people believe that money is a tool to destroy happiness, causing people to lose their feeling of true love. It is money that divides society into many levels and most people are dominated by it to the end of the mind. However, if you put yourself into the story of the female nurse, isn’t it the money that brings some happiness to the man who lost his wife? The money is not large, but it helps him to fulfill his wife’s last wish, bringing her body to the countryside to bury, peace of mind and peace during the long road and feeling the warmth and sharing of others in The most lonely moment. So is it happiness or not?

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