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Life story: Mother’s scar

Date posted: 14/ 10/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Mother’s scar315. Vết Sẹo Của Mẹ

A boy invited his mother to attend the first parent meeting in elementary school. What the boy was afraid of had come true, his mother accepted. This was the first time his classmates and homeroom teacher had met his mother and he was very ashamed of his mother’s appearance. Although she is also a beautiful woman, she has a large scar covering her entire right side. The boy never wanted to ask his mother why he had such a big scar.
At the meeting, everyone had a very good impression of the mother’s gentleness and natural beauty despite the scar hitting her eyes, but the boy was still ashamed and hid himself in a corner avoiding everyone. There, the boy heard his mother talking to the teacher.
– How did you get such a scar on your face? – Your teacher asked.
The mother replied:
– When my child was young, he was in the room when the fire started. Everyone was afraid to enter because the fire was too high, and so I ran in. When I ran to him, I saw a rafters falling over him and I hurriedly covered myself. I had faint pain, but fortunately, a firefighter entered and saved both my mother and child.
The mother touched the wrinkled scar on her face and continued:
– This scar is no longer cured, but to this day, I have no regrets about what I did.
For 365 days a year, women are always the ones who suffer and suffer in life. They always silently sacrifice and endure to build family happiness. Therefore, they deserve more respect and care from the other half of the world, sharing with them difficulties in work and family. On October 20, Oristar Corp would like to wish all of you, ladies and girls are always happy, youthful, beautiful and successful in life.

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