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Home / Life story: The meaning of Five fruits tray on the Tet holiday

Life story: The meaning of Five fruits tray on the Tet holiday

Date posted: 14/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: The meaning of Five fruits tray on the Tet holiday

Five fruits tray is derived from Buddhism, mentioned in the Vu-lan-tub (Ullambana Sutra) with the image of “five-color fruit”. 5 colors represent “five good bases” according to the Buddhist concept, including: faith (faith), tons of mind (will of perseverance), mindfulness (remember), concentration (mind is not rebellious), wisdom base (lucid).
Why are 5 types of fruits that are not other numbers? In Eastern culture, many natural laws are associated with the word “Five” such as the five elements, cereals, five senses, five elements, five organs … Number 5 represents life, completeness and five types. fruits also correspond to the theory of the Five Elements.
The display of five fruits on the Tet holiday means expressing the respect of the ancestors, showing the moral of drinking water to remember the source. The fruit also represents the year-round labor of descendants rising to the upper levels.
The selection of 5 fruits displayed on the five fruits tray depends on the cultural concept as well as the characteristics of the products of the regions. Each fruit has its own meaning, expressed through its shape, taste, color or even the way of reading the name.
Meaning of some fruits in five fruits tray
Green bananas: Symbolize children and grandchildren to gather, gather, warm, get lucky, cover and carry.
The buddhist fruit: The buddhist has a special shape like Buddha’s hands, protecting his family. The Buddha is usually placed in the center, the highest place in the five fruits tray.
Tangerine / blueberries: According to the Chinese sound of the word “kumquat”, the sound of “sand” is similar. Presenting on the tray of five fruits of meaning bring prosperity, eat and make, abundant in vitality.
Pomelo: Phuc Loc, fullness.
Mango: May not be in need.
Dragon fruit: Meaning of converging cloudy dragon, symbolizing the prosperity and prosperity.
Sung: Wishing to have prosperity, fullness, fullness in health, or money
Papaya: A symbol of fullness and prosperity.
Pear or pear melon: Symbolizes success and advancement.
Orange and tangerine: Symbolizing success.
Le: The sweetness, the implication is that everything is smooth and smooth.
Pomegranate: Many seeds, symbolizing the grandchildren pile.
Dig: Show promotion.
Apples: Rich and rich.

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