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“Happy Day for You” Charity Donations

Date posted: 22/ 09/ 2016 - The poster: admin

As planned charity the third quarter on 2016, Oristar donated gifts aid to those disadvantaged circumstances by the proposed staffs and bring joy to unlucky children through the program “Happy Day for you. ”

On September 18th, Corporation Oristar combined with the volunteers of the group “Baby Sun” implementation “Happy day for you” to create an atmosphere of fun and visit and give gifts to the children at Disability Care Center at Chuc Son, Trang An Village, Chuong My District, Hanoi where children have focused particularly difficult circumstances, poor children, children with disabilities, autism.

We are glad to hear that 50% of the children after being nurtured here that have the capable of community reintegration and particularly cases they married and then returned to the local established their own company.

With the aim to create a warm show of love, joy, happiness to so many children who have special circumstances, and stimulated the spirit of solidarity, voluntary social community. Oristar leadership and all the staff in the company has built a charity fund to implement charitable activities in order to share and appease the pain of loss, the disadvantaged circumstances, the community join hands together assist staff in the family business in difficult circumstances when necessary.

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