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Copper alloy specifications

Date posted: 05/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Copper is an alloying material includes other material to make up such international tin, zinc, silver and lead. With that combination of copper alloy is resistant to corrosion, electrical conductivity, ductility can certain applications to create the product. Copper alloy with lower conductive features pure copper but in return the mechanical properties and superior recast. with a combination of metals to create create copper are classified as: brass, bronze, black copper, and lead, copper nickel, … there are different applications in the life and production .

Copper alloy currently specializes in providing all kinds of: copper, brass and copper (Cu-Al, Cu-Be, Cu-cr)

1. The types of copper alloy Copper, brass cymbals shape, hexagonal or copper coils

2. Standard: GB / T5231-2001, GB / T1527-2006, JISH3100-2006, JISH3250-2006, JISH3300-2006, ASTMB152M-06, ASTMB187, ASTMB75M-02, ASTMB42-02, etc.

3. Mark Bronze: C10100, C10200, C10300, C10400, C10500, C10700, C10800, C10910, C10920, C10930, C11000, C11300, C11400, C11500, C11600, C12000, C12200, C12300, C12500, C14200, C14420, C14500, C14510 , C14520, C14530, C17200, C19200, C21000, C23000, C26000, C27000, C27400, C28000, C33000, C33200, C37000, C44300, C44400, C44500, C60800, C63020, C65500, C68700, C70400, C70600, C70620, C71000, C71500 , C71520, C71640, C72200, etc.

5. Specifications of copper alloy

  • Thickness: 0.1mm ~ 200mm
  • Height: 10mm ~ 2500mm

6. Length: 10mm ~ 12000mm, more customized to individual customer requirements, such as copper plate sp, cymbals and roll.

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