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Copper bus bar used to do

Date posted: 11/ 05/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Chorused the words conventional power industry for only part of the conductor (or conductors) placed outdoors in substations from 35kV to 500kV (22kV or less used the Modular distribution cabinet. But as someone called the bar hard in the cabinet led 22kV, 380V bus bar according to the number of devices connected to it)


Whose main task to connect with the elements in the power system, such as lines, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, voltage transformers, current transformers, … Thus, the first busbar voltage level in 1 TBA long or short, more or less separated compartment depends on the route and equipment line busbar connection to it.

The main function of the copper busbar is distributed in the grid, generators and power generation up to the busbars shall be delivered to the feeder, guides the design of electrical panels.

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