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Oristar Corp – Introduction

Date posted: 05/ 11/ 2017 - The poster: admin

Oristar Corp – Mission, Vision, Core Values


Global Material for Quality Leader



Oristar Corp is proud of being among Vietnam leading suppliers of non-ferrous metals specialized in Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel, OEM finished products made by order.
Oristar Corp has its head quarter in Hanoi, factories in Van Lam, Hung Yen Province (20km from centre of Hanoi) and Saigon Hi-Tech Park Long Thanh My ward, 9 district, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Oristar Corp is equipped with high precision cutting, slitting and metal machining machines designed for non-ferrous metal, OEM manufacturing line, quality control system under ISO 9001-20015, 5S.
Our products is the market leader in term of quality and stability, meeting international technical standard for non-ferrous metal as well as strictly quality requirement from individual customer.

Oristar Corp Office




  • To win customer’s reliability by giving best quality, sharp responsiveness, solution and long term vision.
  • To build respectful, open and long term oriented business relationship with our partners.
  • To make significant contribution to the community where we live and work by responsibilities and difficulties sharing, conduct all activities conforming to prevailing law and rules.
  • We committed to ensure long term investment interest of our share-holders by transparency in every operation and consecutive growth of the company.
  • We strive to maintain company to be a civilized, cheerful and be proud of working environment for all our staffs. The company policies shall best stimulating each individual capabilities based on fair treatment and benefit sharing.


Oristar Corp – Machinery system



Oristar strive to become the leader of non-ferrous metal supplier in Vietnam and taking important role in Asian market.




  • Timing Response to every inquiry.
  • Best Quality to each of our product.
  • Solution tailored to individual customer.
  • Action in parallel to Commitment.
  • Generate Initiatives thus Improvement in every area of daily operation.
  • Endlessly learning and be receptiveness to instantly improve capability.



  • The company only deals with high quality material and product.
  • Effortless maintaining highest responsibility to find out the cause and resolution for every quality and service issue.
  • Actively investing in new facility and equipment to continuously improving the company’s quality and services, strengthen output capability.
  • Building long term relationships with suppliers and customers based on quality, reliability and stability. 
  • Consolidating our position as the pioneer in bringing new quality products into the market.
  • Training employees, providing safety and professional working environment to best matching the quality management requirement of our company and customers.
  • Complying with the law, legal requirements of Vietnam and the countries which have business relation.
  • Improving working processes, quality management system and social responsibility regularly to meet the demand of the market in each period.


Oristar Corp – Storage




  • Global Material for Quality Leader



Copper and alloys.

Aluminum and alloys.

Stainless Steel.

Special Steel (hot / cold work tool steel, plastic mould steel)

OEM products (Geodesy Surveying Tools, metal finished products made by order).

Others (Nickel, Wire drawing die, etc.).

With devotion and professional, we will fully utilize our expertise and knowledge to benefit your business. Oristar Corp is the best choice for quality-oriented customers.

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