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Choose copper busbar and aluminum

Date posted: 06/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

This will help you choose copper and aluminum busbar that most standards, let’s find out the following article:

– When you choose copper busbar and the aluminum plate to electrical conduction system, users often choose according to their experience and current under-section: 1mm2 corresponding to 2-3A. But the selection of such a right, but also do not have high precision, so will provide a method to help you with the calculations and choose a more accurate way.

dong thanh cai va nhom

Choices for conductive copper busbar, the first task you have to calculate the current highest work unit ampere, followed by your choice according to the table below Ilv ≤ Icp.

Example: Let you easy to understand: With electric current is 3200A is calculated you should select the appropriate unison with section 100x10mm, including 02 transplant busbar together and have current investigation Icp table is 3610A, satisfy the conditions Ilv ≤ Icp.

If you want the absolute correct choice further, you need to check the condition of the heating source long lines allowed, dynamic stability, thermal stability, installation busbar standing or lying … but nor is essential.

You can calculate the volume of copper busbar according to the following formula: m = (sxlx8,9) /1.000.000


m is the mass of copper (kg)

S is the cross section of the copper bars (mm2)

l is the length of copper rod (mm)

For example, the mass of a meter copper busbar cross section 40×5, we get: m = (40x5x1000x8.9) /1.000.000=1,78kg.

Load current allows the busbar copper and aluminum

(Temperature of environmental standards around the +250 C)

dong thanh caithanh cai dong va nhom

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