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Stainless steel 410 – structure

Date posted: 29/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Stainless steel 401 is also known as UNS S41000, is considered a basic martensitic stainless steel. Including 11.5% – 13.5% chromium and iron, along with 1 small amounts of other elements including manganese, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon … After the heat treatment, stainless steel 401 shows high mechanical properties in both 2 hardware and annealing conditions. According to the specification, stainless steel 410  can be provided in hard conditions, but still machinable for purposes that moderate corrosion resistance and high strength are required. In conditions when hardened, forged and polished, stainless steel 410 will reach a maximum corrosion resistance. However, quenching and tempering can harden steel 410 grade. They are often used for applications involving corrosive lightweight, heat resistant and durable. Can be welded popular welding methods, is heated between 2000 ° F and 2200 ° F, as well as, cold forming and annealing. Because of all these characteristics it is considered as “common class” of stainless steel.

Martensitic stainless steel manufactured using techniques that require heat treatment method. These small class corrosion resistance when compared to austenitic grades. Their operating temperature is often affected by the loss of strength at high temperature, due to the loss of ductility and incubated at temperatures below zero.

Physical properties:

Ferritic stainless steel line of stainless steel 410, corrosion resistant stainless steel 201 due to better be strengthened by means of heat treatment, tempering and polishing hard. Are relatively widespread applications in manufacturing screw. But this material is corrosion resistant stainless steel 304  inferior, so it is used for applications involving corrosive lightweight, heat resistant and durable.

In fact, stainless steel 401 commonly found in the mechanical engineering industry, coming construction, carpentry industry with the bolt or screw types such as 401 stainless steel self drilling screws, screw pake ..

Specific Gravity: 7.75g / cm3

Chemical composition:

Cacbon (C) Mangan (Mn) Silicon (Si) Photpho (P) Lưu huỳnh (S) Chromium (Cr) Nickel (Ni)
Content proportion (%) 0.15 0-1 0-1 0.04 0.03 11.5-13.5 0.75


Thanks to the properties that get stainless steel 401 is often used in industries such as Automotive, Tools, Petrochemical, Tractors, Train, Electronics, Dental / Medical, Food processing

Components or complete products are made of 410 including round shafts, bearings, plastic molds, stamping die, surgical tools, hand tools, turbine rotors, valves / valve components, Fasteners, Knives scissors, screen, pump shafts.

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