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Life story: 3 fish stories

Date posted: 10/ 06/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: 3 fish stories299. Chuyện 3 Con Cá


The first fish is dog salmon
Dog salmon live in deep water in the vast ocean. The mother dog salmon after laying eggs will wait on one side, the eggs after hatching into fry are still unable to feed themselves, can only rely on the mother’s meat to grow. The mother’s pain does not complain. When the fry grow up, the mother only has a pile of bones, which is the most expensive demonstration of the great motherhood in this world. Dog salmon is a fish symbolizing motherhood
The second fish is snakehead fish
It is said that this fish after giving birth will lose its ability to see, can not find prey but can only starve. When the eggs hatch into thousands of young fish, the fry are not able to look at their mother’s death, so each child, one by one, swims into her mother’s mouth to help her to be hungry. The mother fish resurrected, the amount of young fish that survived is not worth it, only less than 1/10, the rest is because of the mother that sacrificed her immature body. Snakehead fish is a fish symbolizing filial piety
The third fish is salmon
Each year until the breeding season, salmon again count hundreds of thousands of ways to get from the vast ocean back to the river inland. Because this species does not breed in salty waters, but migrates to a fresh stream, where they are born to continue laying eggs. The migration journey is really hard and arduous as they have to swim against the flow of nature to return to their homeland, on the way back to face the dangers of challenge, which is to surpass, to worry about. being eaten by grizzly bears …
The fish that do not pass the waterfall will most likely fall into the bear belly. Those who successfully cross the river are also exhausted and have to continue to swim and prevent the urchins from fishing. Only a few fish are lucky to overcome all difficulties and encirclement to return to their homeland. incense, completing the most important thing in my life, is to find the male, have sex, lay eggs and finally die peacefully in the place where I was born. And when spring comes, the fry will follow. water flows to the sea, begins to journey his life. Salmon is a fish that symbolizes homeland love

We often think that there are at least 3 fish in this world that make us feel touched. The first fish is the parent, who gives us life, keeps watching every step we take, doesn’t blame our resentment, is willing to sacrifice everything for our children without asking anything. The second fish is the children, from the time when the petitioning was born, the children were completely trusted and stayed with their parents until they were old. The third fish is a native. No matter how far you go, there will be a day when we find a way to return to our homeland.

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