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Life story: Diamonds And Fish

Date posted: 13/ 05/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Diamonds And Fish

Experiencing many hard, bumpy and dangerous sea stalks, the man finally arrived at his destination. It is true that diamonds of all sizes are scattered everywhere, there are even many other types of gems that glisten in the sun. A bunch of curious children gathered to see the strange man kneeling on the ground and trying to stuff diamonds and gems that followed them with stones and gravel into their pockets, but the man was too busy with his work. I should not talk to the children.
After filling the bags, the smiling man went to the most expensive restaurant in town, ordering a luxurious dinner to commemorate the end of his poverty. Feeling very well served with delicious dishes, he generously gave the restaurant waiter a diamond and told him to change money but not to pay back the excess.
However, the strange man had to spend the whole night washing dishes and cleaning the restaurant to pay for his wasted meal. He quickly learned that these diamonds would be worth millions of dollars if he returned home but were completely worthless here. In this land, the money that people pay to buy goods or services is fish. Fish are very important because their ancestors have been living fish for a long time and it has been handed down into millions of delicious nutritious dishes.
In the end, the man overcame his disappointment about his dream. He began to think, work hard and invest wisely. Soon after he became one of the richest people in the land, he had a large base in the city center and a fish bank.
It was also when he returned home, he sent a letter to his family: “Now I am really rich. Be prepared to welcome me back. ” Then he loaded all his possessions in a large boat and sailed straight to his homeland. The family, friends, and neighbors wore beautiful clothes to prepare for him at the seaport, but there was nothing valuable on that boat other than the rotten fish that had to be dumped out to sea.
That night, he took off his clothes to prepare to go to sleep when a few dusty sprinkles fell from his pocket and sparkled on the floor. It is a diamond left over on men’s clothes. But he and his family understand that the true value of life is not the other diamond. In a place where diamonds are as much as junk grass, it is completely worthless, just like in this land, fish is filled with boats just to be dumped. What matters is not fish or diamond, but how we live in our own land.

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