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Life story: “Good” or “Bad”

Date posted: 22/ 04/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: “Good” or “Bad”

A tour guide is working, then listen to customers complaining: “The road ahead is so bad, very pothole, how can I go here?”. Then the guests raced and complained and didn’t want to move on. Seeing that, the guide still smiled and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the road ahead is the famous avenue for old kings and aristocrats, who walk on it will experience It is a wonderful feeling that only royalty can get. ” Hearing that, the tourists immediately stopped complaining, eagerly walked quickly to the road that had been previously criticized, they even took photos and posted on social networks to show off this impressive historical site.
An athlete loses in the match, feels frustrated, shy and discouraged. A few months later, this person retired because he lost all faith in himself, considered to be bad luck. However, another athlete also lost, but he was not discouraged. During the competition he knew the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Back home he was determined to train to be able to catch that weakness and control his strong points. Next time, he won and brought glory to himself and his family.
A man lost his way because he did not install a car navigation device. He then asked some people to show him the way to escape this “maze”. It took more than an hour to get to the point I needed. However, he was not angry or complained because he regretted petrol money, regretful time. He was pleased that he had just discovered a new route, discovered more interesting points and met friendly, kind people.
In the desert wild under the harsh sun, there are two travelers there. They have only half a person left to overcome the difficult long road ahead. A man laments in frustration: “We only have about this amount of water, but in the foreground, we don’t know, we are about to die.” And like that this person is sad, depressed, eventually giving up and being buried in the desert. The other person felt that he was still lucky because he had half a bottle of water, he thought it was good, and was determined to move forward to take advantage of this opportunity. Finally he escaped from the hot desert, thanks to optimism in hardship that not everyone has.
Everything has two sides, good and bad, as long as we always look at the good side, we will see that this life always contains great things, even if it is not really bright sunshine. the sound of birds chirping every morning.

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