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Life story: Heaven and Hell

Date posted: 20/ 05/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Heaven and Hell

Previously there was a great charity, one day in the dream of being led by Hell Plains to visit hell, in hell discovered people were arguing. It was originally in hell that there was a large table, some dishes were displayed, each holding a very long spoon. Because spoons are too long, there is no way to put food in the mouth, but with the hand, the food cannot be reached, so everyone thinks about how to put food into the mouth with a long spoon in hand. The cause of arguing is to manipulate the spoon too long and collide with each other.
Next, he again visited the ultimate bliss realm. Strangely, the scene here is no different from hell, also a large table, with dishes and very long spoons. The only difference is that people here eat and drink together happily. Why so? Because people use that very long spoon to scoop each other’s food, so everyone can eat it, no one disputes it or makes it difficult.

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