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Life story: THE LAST GIFT

Date posted: 29/ 07/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: THE LAST GIFT

305. Món Quà Cuối

The story comes from a married couple over 20 years
Before getting married, my wife and I were a loving couple. After getting married, you have to face two families and the changes and dissonance in your life are constantly quarreling. It was not until the children grew up, my wife seemed to have been more gentle, gradually let go of many things that she had endured to the same time.
After the shift, I could gather with my colleagues until late at night to return, the holidays could go golfing all day, for the cleanup of the house arrangement, there was no quarrel like before. half.
One day, my wife told me, hoping I could invite another woman out to eat and watch movies.
She said, “I love you, but I know there is another woman who loves you too.”
The woman my wife talked about was my mother, a widow …
Boys are not around, after their husband’s death, they live alone. I picked up the phone, pressed that familiar phone number.
As soon as I picked up the phone, she heard her anxious question: “How are you? Are you still good? ”
She was used to the fact that I did not actively contact, nor shared the fun with her, so, when the phone rang, she was always worried about bad news.
I replied, “Nothing, Mom, I want to ask if this Friday is available for free.” After the tan ca will come to pick up his mother, eat dinner together, watch movies ”.
She thought for a while, then said, “Um, so it will be like that!”
On the day of the appointment, she showed a very tense expression …
By the sixth day, after the shift, when I drove to pick her up, it was really a bit stressful.
When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she also seemed to be very nervous about this appointment. She was wearing a very nice outfit, but she wore an outdated jacket, her straight hair was tied up, I didn’t come yet, she was already waiting in front of the gate.
She sat on the driver’s seat, struggling for a while to buckle up. She could not hide her joy, saying: “I told my friends that I will have a date with my son, they were all surprised, wanting to know the details.”
I chose a normal, family-friendly restaurant when working, entertaining customers who went through many countless high-class Western restaurants, occasionally going to a restaurant of this kind feels very warm. When going into the restaurant, she grabbed my hand, like walking on a starlight road, elegant but unfamiliar.
Calmly calmly with her mother to finish the meal
After sitting down, I picked up the menu to read, when I raised my head to ask what she wanted to eat, discovered that she was sitting on the opposite side looking at me intently, a smile appeared on her face.
She said: “Remember the day, my mother read the menu to me.”
I replied: “Now my mother’s eyes are not good, need to rest, these things let me do it”.
During the meal, we talked very comfortably, nothing special. As for watching movies, it’s already quite late, so there’s no mention of watching that movie.
When she took her to the front door of the house, she said, “I want to have an appointment with my son again, but this time, I will invite you personally, I want to invite you to dinner, watch movies, okay? ? “
I agreed.
In love, having empathy, can support and grow together, making the family happier
Just arrived home, his wife asked me: “How was your appointment?”.
I said: “Very well. But why do you have such a suggestion? ”.
My wife said: “Before I got married, I was still a girl who wanted to have love. Every time when I have to face a difficult door in love, I then think that I need to ‘understand and ignore’, in unavoidable emotions, there will be places that are not my will, for love, I used sympathy and learned to take a step back.
After getting married, she began to understand and sympathize with his habits, regardless of the conflict of lifestyle and opinion that appeared in marriage. Because of this family, I took sympathy to change my own lifestyle and values.
After I have children, I and I have different ways of raising children, but this time, I know well that we have the same goal, to give them the best things, give them a future. bright, this point does not need to be through “sympathy” to understand. Also because of this common point, the conflicts born in love and marriage have been leveled, we love our children, raise our children, take care of our children.
There is one other side, supporting each other, going through waves together, for a woman who says this is the happiest thing
I know that one day you will leave me, I will not be able to continue raising them anymore, I know there is a day when you do not need the care of their mother anymore. And I’m very happy, if by that day, I still have you along on another journey of life.
But in my life, there is only him, only me. A woman who goes through love, marriage, parenting, what they really need is not much, after each ‘sympathy’, even the ability to open the mouth ‘requires’ is no longer available. already”.
Mother died suddenly, her son received her last gift …
A few days later, my mother died of a heart attack. The situation happened so unexpectedly, I still had no time to do anything for her.
At the funeral, my mother wore the jacket she wore during the dinner that night, I knew it at the time, it was a gift to celebrate the last wedding that my father gave to my mother.
Then I received a letter, inside there was a restaurant receipt and a piece of paper. Inside wrote:
“I paid for it first, I put two places, one place for children, one place for your wife and children. I will never know it, that evening for you, how important it is, I hope you can also take the time to create such a joy for your wife and children like that.
I forever love you.”

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