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Life story: Magical vitality

Date posted: 05/ 08/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Magical vitality

306. Sức Sống Diệu Kỳ

At the biology of the year I was in the fourth grade, the teacher taught us the process of growing a seedling. With a tiny seed in her hand, she put in a small pot and showed us how to take care of it. The first time I saw that seed grow into a tree, I fell in love and decided to plant such a tree at home.
That afternoon, I went home excitedly to show my mother:
– Mom, I will plant an orange tree in my garden. I know how to plant it, Mom.
But in response to my eagerness, my mother shook her head.
– You can’t do that. The weather in our place is too cold, not suitable for the plants belonging to the orange family. If you like, you can plant some flower pots, but wait until spring.
– No, I’ll definitely plant an orange tree.
I declared like that and then walked back to my room. I sat down on the bed and ate all the orange oranges I had just given. Picking out some of the most chubby seeds, I put them in a box on the window sill, hoping the winds would change the sun and dry it quickly. Even if it was not thrown away by someone, I wrote a small piece of paper stuck in the box: “Personal property. Please don’t touch it! ”.

Two weeks later, she brought me a pot and some soil, said:

– This is the home for your seed.

I am happy to embrace my mother, filled with happiness.

When the orange seeds dried, I brought them into pots. I buried myself in the porous soil, watering and starting the waiting days in suspense. Every day I come home from school, I also talk to him and wish he is healthy and strong. Sometimes, I sing for him. At that time, my mother just looked at me smiling.

Then one morning, when I was wandering in the room, I suddenly saw a tiny preschool popping up in the pot. I exclaimed happily: “Oh, that’s great. Orange seeds have sprouted! ”.

The whole day, I watched the seed not get tired of eyes and went back and forth to wait for my mother to come back. When my mother set foot in the house, I hurriedly pulled my mother to the window, unable to hide my pride. In front of my mother’s smile, I said:

– I did it, didn’t I?

I water my little bud with all my love. And apparently in response to my interest, it grew very fast. Silk leaves are replaced by green leaves in a short period of time. A few months later, my orange tree grew large enough to be brought to the garden. On one weekend, we moved our beloved orange tree into a larger pot and placed it among other ornamental plants.

The orange tree grew me well during my childhood years. In front of my considerate care, she began to show a sumptuous leaf, covering the house window. I witnessed its growth in infinite happiness.

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