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Life story: How much does the miracle cost?

Date posted: 04/ 06/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: How much does the miracle cost?

298. Phép Màu Giá Bao Nhiêu

An eight-year-old girl heard her parents talk about her little brother. She only understood that her younger brother is very sick and her family has no money. Only a very expensive surgery could save her brother’s life, and her parents could not find anyone to borrow money. Therefore, her family would have to move to a smaller house because they cannot afford to stay in their current home after paying the doctor.
She heard her father speak to her mother in a whisper in a desperate voice: “Only miracles save the baby.” So she entered her room, pulled out a piggy which was hidden in the cupboard. She finished all the change and counted carefully.
Then she sneaked out by the back door and went to the nearby pharmacy. She put all the money she had on the counter.
The drug seller asked, “What do you need?”
She replied, “My brother is very sick and I want to buy miracles.”
– “What do you say?” – The drug seller asked again.
– “My brother named Andrew. He had a disease in his head that his father said only miracles saved him. How much magic it?”
– “It’s not a miracle here. I’m sorry” – The drug seller smiled sadly and sympathized with her.
– “I have money to pay. If not enough, I will try to find more. Just tell me how much it costs?”
In the store there was also an elegant dressed guest. After hearing the story, he bent down to ask the girl: “What kind of miracle do you need?”
“I don’t know, either,” she answered, teary-eyed. “But I need a miracle. He was very sick, his mother said he needed surgery, and it seemed like some kind of miracle could save his sister. I took out all my savings to go find that miracle. ”
– “How much do you have?” – The guest asked. She answered just enough: “One dollar is eleven cents.”
The man smiled: “Oh! Enough for the price of miracles “.
He took one hand held her money, the other hand held her hand and said: “Take me to your home. I want to see your brother and your parents. Let’s see if I have a kind of miracle you need.”
That elegant man is a talented neurosurgeon. The surgery was completed without losing money, and soon her younger brother was able to go home, healthy.
Her mother whispered: “Everything is strange like a miracle. It is not unthinkable. It is priceless! ”. The girl smiled. You know exactly how much a miracle cost. A dollar of eleven cents, plus a child’s sincere belief, and the kindness of the doctor.

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