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Life story: Prejudice

Date posted: 30/ 09/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Prejudice313. Định Kiến

There was a young man suffering from chicken scare, seeing that the chicken was running.

Asked why, he replied: “The chicken thought that I was a worm, so I had to run, or it would kill me.”

The family took him to a mental hospital for treatment. Everyday, besides taking medicine, he had to memorize the phrase “I am not a worm, so I have nothing to fear chicken”.

After three months of treatment, the doctor takes the test:

– Are you a worm?

– I’m not a worm.

– Are you still afraid of chickens?

– I’m not a worm, so I have nothing to fear chickens.

Seeing no abnormal symptoms, the doctor sent him to the hospital.

Just out of the hospital gate, seeing a chicken, he was still scared, running for a living. People gathered to ask:

– You are not a worm where fear of chickens?

He answered:

– Yes. But for the past three months, only I have learned, so only I know that I am not a worm. The chickens don’t have any education. What if he still thinks I’m a worm?

Long life will be more experienced. Experience is generally good, but it also forms in us countless prejudices, preventing us from seeing new things. Prejudice is something that is difficult to remove from the brain. In his memoirs, Nelson Madela confessed: “Once on the plane, seeing the pilot was black, I was very worried and that feeling lasted until the end of the flight. very embarrassed, because I myself am black, my whole life fighting against racism, but I do not believe that a black person can fly a plane safely. “

To reduce the harmful effects of prejudice, we must be very vigilant of our own experiences, and must be aware of the constant movement of things: anything can be better or worse. Once upon a time there was a saying: three days without seeing each other, seeing each other would be different. Start your day without prejudice.

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