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Life story: The tale of “Nêu” tree on Tet holiday

Date posted: 07/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: The tale of “Nêu” tree on Tet holiday

In the past, the Devil occupied the entire country, and he only worked as a laborer, and paid most of the harvested rice to the Devil. The devil increasingly exploits him too much, and eventually the Devil gives himself the right to “eat the tops for the roots”. People can only enjoy rice stubble, and they need to help the Buddha for help. Buddha told him not to grow rice but to grow sweet potatoes. That harvest season, people enjoy countless potatoes, and the Devil only enjoys leaves and sweet potatoes, in accordance with the method of ‘eating for the root’.
In other seasons, Devil will switch to the method of “root feeding”. Buddha told him to turn to rice again. Devilish results are broken. Devils are so upset that the next season, they declare “eat both roots and tops”. Buddha gave him a corn plant to sow everywhere. Demons are not good, and Man is harvesting corn. In the end, certain demons forced him to return all the land and not make another turn.
Buddha discussed with the mediator with the Devil, asking for a piece of land with the shade of a robes on a bamboo stick. If you see no damage, you agree. At that time, Buddha used magic to shade the robe that covered the entire land, causing the demons to lose their land to run to the East Sea.
Due to the loss of living land, the Devil mobilized troops to rob them. This battle on the Devil’s side was lost after being attacked by the Human with dog blood, pineapple, garlic, lime … and the Devil was banished to the East Sea by the Buddha. Before going, Devil asked the Buddha for compassion to allow a few days to land a few days to visit the grave of his father’s ancestors. Buddha pitifully should promise.
Therefore, every year, according to the style on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the days when the Devil visits the land, people follow the old tradition of planting the “nêu” tree to keep the Devil from coming to the place of occupation. If there is a landslide, there will be noises when the wind vibrates to remind the demons to avoid it. On the top of the tree, there is a bundle of pineapple leaves or multi-beak branches to be feared. In addition, people also drew a bow with a spearhead arrow to the east and sprinkled lime on the ground in front of the entrance during Tet holidays to ban the Devil’s gate.

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