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Life story: Traditional customs on Tet holiday

Date posted: 28/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Traditional customs on Tet holiday

Build purple sugar cane by the altar
Sugarcane represents a ladder because it has each burned like a ladder. “Sugar cane ladder” helps to lift grandparents and ancestors to the world on Tet holiday with their children and grandchildren.
Buying salt on Tet custom
According to the previous concept, salt represents the salty, passionate, warm feelings in family and loved relationships.
At the beginning of the year, buying salt is also an act to pray for the family to be warm, harmonious and passionate for the whole year between grandparents, parents and descendants or between brothers and sisters.
Not only in that sense, salt is also considered to be able to bring luck to people, remove the blackness and malice of the old year, chase bad things.
Because of that, in the past, walking salt sellers were always filled with salt bowls with tops, not just deceiving the bowl with the hope that emotions could be so full.
Building ‘Nêu’ tree
The tree is a bamboo tree about 5-6m tall. People will hang cloth, a loaf of earthenware, a paper carp and a leaf-shaped rim. Depending on the place where the charm is exorcised, the branches of the cactus, the wine with straw, … Growing the tree If the New Year is to eliminate evil, avoid bad luck and create peace.
Normally, the tree is built on December 23 of the lunar calendar and falls on the 7th of the lunar calendar.
Carrying water custom
After the eve of the New Year’s Eve or the first day of the New Year, people often go to rivers and wells to carry water to fill up the jars, jars of water in the house to pray for the new year ‘money like water’. If a new year is still maintained, it will help the homeowner’s life in the new year prosper, always prosperous and full.
Singing and singing
Children in the village will gather in groups to each family in the village, singing and typing. The landlord will give out lucky money for them. This will bring luck to homeowners and children.

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