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Oristar Corp congratulated Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10

Date posted: 20/ 10/ 2016 - The poster: VTRiT

On October 18th and 19th, Oristar’s Board of Directors held party and gave flowers for the female employees in the company, with a sense of honor and the contributions of women to Oristar’s development. At the same time the company also organized birthday paryt to all staffs with birthdays in the fourth quarter.

The joyful atmosphere was created by this significant activity for Oristar Corp’s female in Vietnam Women’s Day. Besides, the men also sent several nice greetings to women. That’s priceless spiritual gift, expressed male colleagues’s sincere concern for half the world.

Oristar’s women were extremely touched by the honor and encourage the spirit of Oristar’s male staffs. Thank to cherished feelings, Oristar’s female would be more motivated to strive in their work, contribute more to the growth of the company.

Some cheerful image of the Vietnam Women’s Day by Oristar Corp:











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