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Development of mechanical industry: Select key products

Date posted: 23/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

In the context of deep integration, in order to gain a foothold in the global value chain, Vietnam’s mechanical industry needs to be reformed from mechanisms and policies to technology, especially in the areas of high added value.

Newly meet more than 30% of demand
Report of Vietnam Mechanical Enterprises Association, total industrial production value of the whole industry is estimated at US $ 50 billion, of which domestic production reaches US $ 16 billion, meeting only 32.5% of demand. Meanwhile, the target must meet 45-50% of domestic production demand from 2010. Explaining this situation, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Enterprises (VAMI) Dao Phan Long said that After 20 years of development, the level of technology and mechanical production equipment of Vietnam is still outdated compared to the world. Most of the organization of enterprises, production management as well as new research and development at the technological level in the time of 2.0 should make mechanical products … inferior to regional countries.
According to some experts, the cause of Vietnam’s mechanical industry lagged behind is the spontaneous and weak investment of enterprises in market research. Moreover, poor production management and technology equipment leads to mechanical products still mainly processing steel structures. In addition, the mechanical industry still has no industrial facilities with advanced equipment capable of designing, manufacturing high-tech machines and equipment, capable of competing with international ones.
In addition, according to former Chairman of Vietnam Mechanical Enterprises Association, Nguyen Van Thu, the association and gathering of enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering are still limited. In developed countries, large corporations often merge together to coexist, but in Vietnam, the state-owned mechanical enterprises are difficult to merge to form intensive mechanical industry corporations, bringing investment efficiency and welfare for the State. This existence is the cause that hinders the development of Vietnam’s mechanical industry.
Should not invest spread
Before the congestion is making Vietnam’s mechanical industry grow sluggishly, many enterprises in the mechanical industry propose that the Government should focus on selecting key mechanical products instead of doing many types at once. Large industrial corporations should pay attention to investing in their mechanical forces. Specifically, the oil and gas industry invests in making offshore drilling rigs, building large oil tankers, and Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group to invest in the production of ore mining and mineral extraction machines. policy on capital and tax to reduce the interest rate for mechanical investment loans to below 5%, corporate income tax to 15-20%. Thus, Vietnam mechanical enterprises have a chance to break out against other countries in the region and the world.
Deputy General Director of Vietnam Motive and Agricultural Machinery Corporation Ho Manh Tuan stated: The State should focus on encouraging investment for enterprises with industrial scale production and consuming markets, should not investment spread. In the first phase, it is possible to focus on the production of input materials such as cast, forged and steel products, to help our country be proactive in raw materials and increase localization rates.
In order to support the development of mechanical enterprises, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said that in the coming time, the Ministry will continue to study and submit to the Government to issue new policies and offer solutions to solve difficulties. for businesses. At the same time, coordinate with the business community to propose adjustments on tax policies to create equality and advantages for production activities of enterprises and support to improve the quality of human resources for enterprises in the mechanical industry.

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