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Promote the development of mechanical engineering industry

Date posted: 15/ 05/ 2019 - The poster: admin

On May 14, in Hanoi, the National Assembly’s Committee for Science, Technology and Environment held a conference “Situation and solutions to promote Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry”.
National Assembly Vice Chairman Phung Quoc Hien and Chairman of the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment Phan Xuan Dung chaired the Conference.

Opening the Conference, National Assembly Vice Chairman Phung Quoc Hien stated: Compared to the past, Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry has made remarkable progress. However, through the actual survey, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly said that the manufacturing industry of our country is lagging behind other countries in the region, not meeting the requirements set by the Party’s resolution. Through this Conference, the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly wants scientists, experts, associations and businesses to contribute ideas and solutions to promote the mechanical engineering industry.

Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Science, Technology and Environment Phan Xuan Dung said that manufacturing mechanics is particularly important for socio-economic development, both as a foundation and a motivation for the development of many different professions in society. In fact, there are no countries in the world that have successfully implemented the industrialization and modernization career without having a strong mechanical industry.

According to Chairman Phan Xuan Dung, at present, the scientific and technological revolution has entered the fourth stage, but the level of science and technology of our country is still low compared to other countries in the world and in the region. , innovative technology capacity is still very limited … The mechanical engineering industry has not met the requirements of the industrialization and modernization of the country and the desire and aspirations of the people. The conference is an opportunity for delegates to make recommendations, propose policies and solutions to solve difficulties and support the development of mechanical engineering industry. The comments received at the Conference will be an important basis for the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to study and summarize and report to the Party and State leaders in preparing for the preparation of the National Party Congress Documents. XIII, 10-year socio-economic development plan 2021 – 2030, vision to 2045; 5-year socio-economic development plan 2021-2025.

According to representatives of some associations and mechanical enterprises, in 10 years, from 2002-2012, our country’s mechanical industry has gradually recovered and made positive changes, making efforts to approach new capital sources and investment. technological innovation, expanding products and markets, gradually recovering market share, mastering the domestic market. However, from 2013 until now, the mechanical industry for many different reasons began to slow down, except for the field of automobile and motorcycle assembly, maintaining a high growth rate.

Some people said that the cause of this situation is due to the slowdown of the economy, the low growth rate of the industry, the lack of capital to invest in national key projects, so the gas has no chance to participate. High credit interest rates make it difficult for mechanical enterprises to access. While state-owned enterprises after equitization are still confused in the implementation of production technology innovation, small private enterprises are not able to participate in the field of large capital needs, slow capital turnover and profit is not high. In addition, mechanical enterprises have not followed the basic principles in business and production to invest in building businesses in the direction of “deep specialization, wide cooperation” but production “closed and lacking. link “, leading to waste of resources …

Delegates proposed, Vietnam Mechanical Development Strategy needs to be revised to show the goal of building a sustainable mechanical industry of the country, in which some sectors should be selected. manufacturing gas for making technical infrastructure for economic and industrial sectors of the country. In addition to the constant efforts of enterprises to innovate, the opinions suggest that it is necessary to have a visible hand of the state expressed by a consistent and consistent policy system. Paying attention to the maximum protection of the domestic market, creating many orders from public investment sources for domestic enterprises.

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