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The manufacturing process of stainless steel

Date posted: 08/ 12/ 2016 - The poster: admin

Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel is produced in a furnace photovoltaic lake through 7 stages: melting and casting, forming, heat and gas, descaling, cutting, end, in-house production. In which the carbon electrode in contact with the stainless steel scrap recycling and various chromium alloy (alloy can be Cr Ni, Cr Mo .. depending on the type of stainless steel respectively).

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An electric current passes through the electrodes and the temperature will rise to a point where the stainless steel scrap and alloys will be melted. Melting Steel (liquid) will be transferred to the furnace blowing. (Argon Oxygen Decarbonization AOD), In this furnace, inert gas argon and oxygen are blowing into the steel to eliminate the carbon impurities. Here the carbon will be reduced (remember that stainless steel containing carbon l drinking is much lower than other types of mild steel) and alloy increased finally be done from the main level to ensure determine the chemical properties to steel.

Describe the process from melting to casting when the embryo / or further steel bars molded into sheets or bars. Then the employee-specific material, hot-rolled or forged steel products into the final shape. Some materials are cold rolled to further reduce the thickness of the pipe wall panels or drag and small wire diameter, e.

Most of the stainless steel is annealed at the final stage (stage 1 heat stabilizers for crystalline organization of steel, because of the hard turn due disproportion in the rolling process) and bleached surfaces (1 Mixed of acid should be used to remove the rust flakes burning due process, to promote the formation of ultra-thin protective layer (chromium oxide) in a natural way. (follows this process: the black stainless steel surface will become white)quy trinh san xuat thep khong gi1

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