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Life story: Mouse gets a windfall

Date posted: 06/ 08/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Mouse  gets a windfall One mouse fell into the rice paddy, the number of rice in the luk is still half, this unplanned incident makes it excited not to describe. After determining that there is no danger, it immediately began to eat and sleep, sleep and eat in the rice bowl. Very quickly, the rice is about to exhaust, but it does not escape the temptation of the grain, so stay in the lu. Finally, the rice has eaten up, the mouse has discovered that I can not ...

Life story: The great model

Date posted: 23/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: The Great Model   I'm the elder brother. I have a younger brother who is 2 years younger, and a younger sister than 9 years old. When I was in seventh grade, I argued with my dad about something I did not remember. He, the second oldest son in a family of eight, told me, "Anything you do in this house, you will do it three times, once you do it, once your brother does it. when imitated, and once sister did it when imitating his two brothers. ...

Life story: Three great teachers

Date posted: 16/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Three great teachers When Hasan, a Muslim sorcerer, was about to die, someone asked him, "Hasan, who is your teacher?". Hasan replied, "My teachers are countless. If they look at their names then it will take months, years, and so too late for my time is very little. But we can tell about our three teachers. The first one is a thief. Once we strayed in the desert, when we reached a village, it was late night, every house is going to sleep. But finally we find one, ...

Life story: Socrates and gossip

Date posted: 09/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Socrates and gossip Neighbors came to Socrates. "Socrates, have you heard of this?" "Wait!" -Socrates interrupted the neighbor- "Are you sure all you tell me is true?" "Well ... I'm not sure, I just heard people talk about it." "Well, we do not need to care about it unless it's a good thing." "Is that a good thing?" Asked Socrates. "No, not good, this is a bad thing." "Well, do you think I need to know that to help prevent bad things for others?" "Oh, well ... not really," ...

Life story: Pleasure of serving

Date posted: 03/ 07/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Life story: Pleasure of serving One afternoon at a decorative shop, I learned about my father's sales. I was just 12 years old. When I was cleaning the floor, a woman walked into the store. "Can you help me?" "Yes, I bought a couch and its legs were out. I want to know when will you fix it? " "When did you buy this chair, madam?" "About ten years ago". I told my dad that she thought we would free her old chair for free. My father told her we ...

Life story: Monsters in the cave

Date posted: 22/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: Monsters in the cave Once upon a time, there was a knight who was adventurous. He came to a village with a terrible monster in the cave. The brave wizard reassures him that he will kill the monster. Of course, everyone intervenes, and they tell us that many brave knights have come down the cave, but no one comes back. Holding a dagger, the knight clings to the rope and slowly goes down the cave. Looking around, he saw some skeletons of people ahead, everyone holding their weapons ...

Life story: The great debate

Date posted: 15/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: The great debate Some centuries ago, the Pope ordered that all Jews should leave Italy. Of course there was widespread opposition from the Jewish community, so the Pope decided that there would be a negotiation. He will debate religion with the leaders of the Jewish community. If the leader of the Jews wins, they will be allowed to stay. If the Pope wins, the Jews will have to go. The Jewish community meets and chooses an older cleric, Moishe, to represent them in the negotiations. However, Moishe did ...

Life story: The values of Adversity

Date posted: 11/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life story: The values of Adversity Farmers in Southern Alabama are used to planting only one thing: cotton (used for weaving, weaving). One year, the worms devastated the area. In the following years, farmers took their homes and pledged money to grow cotton, hoping for a good harvest. But when the cotton plants began to grow, the worms came and wiped out most of the fields. A few who "survived" those two years have decided to plant something that they had never before planted - peanuts. As a result, their ...

Life Story: The window

Date posted: 03/ 06/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Life Story: The window Two men are in the same room. One person is allowed to sit up for an hour each day, while the other is bedridden. For a single hour of that day, the first man looked out of the window at his own pace and told his roommate what he saw, and his friend felt the world through his words. A month later, the man told the story of his death. The other person moved to the bed by the window. One afternoon, he tried to sit ...
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