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Mechanical engineering industry: Need fair tax for accessories

Date posted: 31/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Importing products has an advantage over production organizations, so many businesses develop well, while enterprises manufacturing machines and molds face numerous difficulties because of high import tax rates. Great attraction from multinational corporations Ms. Tran Thi Hue - Deputy Director of Northern Investment Promotion Center - said that Vietnam has great attraction for multinational industrial groups thanks to high economic growth (2018, GDP). The whole country is estimated at 6.8%), which is followed by the need to find companies to supply SI products more and more increasing. However, for Vietnamese ...

Development of mechanical industry: Select key products

Date posted: 23/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

In the context of deep integration, in order to gain a foothold in the global value chain, Vietnam's mechanical industry needs to be reformed from mechanisms and policies to technology, especially in the areas of high added value. Newly meet more than 30% of demand Report of Vietnam Mechanical Enterprises Association, total industrial production value of the whole industry is estimated at US $ 50 billion, of which domestic production reaches US $ 16 billion, meeting only 32.5% of demand. Meanwhile, the target must meet 45-50% of domestic production demand ...

Công ty CP Oristar áp dụng hình thức hóa đơn điện tử trong hoạt động SXKD

Date posted: 10/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Công ty CP Oristar trân trọng cảm ơn sự tin tưởng và hợp tác của Quý Khách hàng trong thời gian vừa qua. Theo quy định tại Nghị định 119/2018/NĐ-CP vừa được Chính phủ ban hành và có hiệu lực từ 1/11/2018, Công ty CP Oristar áp dụng chuyển đổi từ hình thức sử dụng hóa đơn giấy sang hình thức hóa đơn điện tử khi xuất bán hàng hóa, dịch vụ cho khách hàng kể từ ngày 10/01/2019. Điều này không những phù hợp với quy định hiện hành ...

The aluminum market fluctuates with US decisions

Date posted: 09/ 01/ 2019 - The poster: admin

In early March 2018, US President Donald Trump signed a decree to impose a 25% import tax on steel and 10% on aluminum to combat cheap imports, especially from China. This move has added an atmosphere of tension in trade relations between the world's leading economy and China. This policy also affected the price of aluminum. After the US imposed sanctions on the Rusal Group - the world's second-largest aluminum producer and supplied about 7% of global aluminum output, aluminum prices surged on both London and Shanghai in June-June. 2018. ...

Relay for e-commerce

Date posted: 19/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

As the development step and in accordance with the new trend as the economy is gradually saturated, digital economy not only make a mark in the lives of Vietnamese people but also bring efficiency and profit value high. So, with a country with 53% of the population using the internet and nearly 50 million subscribers using smartphones, the Vietnamese e-commerce market is predicted to be very potent and going to explode in the future. However, many argue that Vietnam's digital economy has only focused on communication, entertainment and information, so ...

Vietnam’s economy in 2018 grows steadily at 6.8%

Date posted: 12/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

According to the World Bank, Vietnam's economic growth has proved robust despite external constraints, largely due to strong domestic demand combined with the dynamics of the manufacturing and processing industries. export oriented. According to the World Bank's annual review of the Vietnamese economy, the annual growth rate is forecast at 6.8%, higher than the 6.3% forecast Report to Emerging Market Economies in East Asia and the Pacific. In the medium term, Vietnam's growth is expected to follow the global trend - gradually falling to 6.6% and 6.5% for 2019 and ...

Samsung embarked Vietnamese enterprises participating supply chain components, accessories

Date posted: 06/ 12/ 2018 - The poster: admin

The leaders of Samsung Vietnam have visited, worked and evaluated the results of consulting for 3 companies operating in supporting industry in the North: M1 Information M1 Co., Ltd. Viettel Military Telecom Corporation, Viet Packaging Production Investment Company Limited (Vipaco) and DM Vina Company Limited. The visit was attended by Mr. Shim Won Hwan - General Director of Samsung Vietnam; Mr. Ha Chan Ho - Senior Consultant, Samsung Vietnam; Mr. Kim Dong Hwan - Deputy General Director of Samsung Vietnam Buying Center and representatives of Vietnamese government agencies including Ministry ...

Modify the regulations on business registration

Date posted: 29/ 11/ 2018 - The poster: admin

Effective from 10/10/2018, Decree 108/2018 / ND-CP dated 23/08/2018 of the Government amending and supplementing some articles of Decree No. 78/2015 / ND-CP dated 14 September 9, 2015 on business registration. Accordingly, the enterprise is not required to affix its seal in the application for enterprise registration, to notify the change of enterprise registration contents and in the resolution, decision, meeting minutes of the enterprise registration dossier. Along with that is supplement regulations: Documents authorizing individuals to carry out procedures related to business registration is not required to notarization, authentication. ...

Truong Hai Auto Corporation proposed to invest in South Tam Anh Industrial Park

Date posted: 21/ 11/ 2018 - The poster: admin

South Tam Anh Industrial Park is in the area of industrial land planning approved by the Prime Minister in the master plan of Chu Lai open economic zone. The People's Committee of Quang Nam province has had a meeting with Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company on its proposal to invest in Tam Tam South Industrial Park and Tam Hiep Urban Area. At the meeting, Mr. Dinh Van Thu noted the results and contribution of Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company to the development of localities in recent years. On ...
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